Director of Carnival, Teddy Francis, is pleased with the outcome of this year’s carnival, telling the Times that the event went extremely well.

Francis admitted that there were early concerns about the slow momentum because of the scheduling of elections which were held on June 6, 2016.

He asserted however that the carnival was successful both at the level of the local participation and the quality of the various art forms that were on display. He says that Saint Lucia is growing in importance as a carnival destination.

He disclosed that the number of visitors to the event appears to have been a record. But he said carnival organizers are awaiting confirmation from the Saint Lucia Tourist Board.

The Carnival Director observed that the police had made a call to stop the J’ Ouvert early. He expressed the view that the wisdom of the call can be debated, but made it clear that  no one is not questioning the police since they are the ones on the ground.

Francis said Saint Lucians generally have to be commended for the fact that there have been so few incidents with thousands of persons gathering every year for the event. He noted that there were a number of private events associated with carnival. And that Saint Lucia Carnival is now poised to take off.

He said what is important is the year-long treatment and attention to the festival. He explained that carnival has for some time been seen as the poorer cousin to jazz, both financially and in terms of resources.

He believes that as a result, the “indecent disparity” between carnival and jazz will finally come to an end.