The Caribbean Development Bank (CDB), in collaboration with the OECS Commission, has launched a USD 2.8 million programme that will help its Borrowing Member Countries in the OECS better measure poverty to drive national and regional development.

The Programme addresses the need for more timely, accurate and reliable poverty data in the Caribbean region where, despite making considerable progress on how they measure poverty, many countries do not frequently update or report on key poverty indicators. In addition, many are not able to measure the non-income dimensions of poverty and human development.

In addition, through the Programme, the Borrowing Countries in the OECS will receive support for the implementation of a Sustainable Household Data Programme , which the OECS Commission will oversee. This will deliver harmonised poverty data for OECS countries, and help them conduct regular and timely monetary and multidimensional poverty assessments.

An OECS Geographic Information System platform will also be developed through the Programme.

It will enable countries to better analyse, map, monitor and report on different dimensions of social and economic well-being.