The Department of Youth Development and Sports and Sports Saint Lucia Incorporated have addressed the controversy surrounding the plaque at the Daren Sammy Cricket Stadium.

The Opposition St.Lucia Labour Party had taken the UWP government to task for the removal of the plaque that bears the opening date of the Stadium. The SLP had deemed the action petty and childish political games on the part of the UWP since the former SLP regime was responsible for opening the Stadium.

However, the authorities have issued a statement reassuring the public that the temporary removal of the original “Beauseajour Cricket Ground” plaque was only undertaken as a consequence of the planning and logistical challenges experienced during the Renaming Ceremony of the “Daren Sammy Cricket Ground”.

According to the statement, any other interpretation made, is neither valid or reliable. To date, both plaques have been re-instated at the Daren Sammy Cricket Ground.

The Department of Youth Development and Sports said it remains committed to the celebration of the nation’s rich sporting heritage and inspiring sportspersons to pursue excellence with vigor and valor.