The homicide number so far for 2017 now stands at 6, following a bloody Sunday. On Sunday at about 11am Yves Rene was shot in the head, allegedly at the hands of a police officer. Rene, was in the company of a group of men near the Marigot bus stand when police reportedly pulled up and informed them that they were conducting a drug search. Eyewitnesses say Rene took off running and a young male police officer chased after him. Rene was reportedly shot in the head as he tried to run down a hill.

The interim chairman of the Cannabis Movement says the news is tragic and says this is yet another life lost to an unjust Cannabis law

Decaries is a part of the recently constituted Cannabis Regulatory Commission. The commission meets today Monday and the circumstances surrounding this police shooting are sure to be a topical issue. Decaries says while many people continue to reject the science surrounding the issue of Cannabis he is hopeful for a change in mindset and more importantly a change in the law.

It must be noted that the police have not yet released an official statement on the shooting.