The Office of the Prime Minister has indicated that it will clarify the issue of comments made by Prime Minister Allen Chastanet as it relates to the former government and comments made about the Oliver Gobat murder case. On Tuesday, Former Prime Minister, Dr Kenny Anthony, took Prime Minister Allen Chastanet to task for stating in a press conference that the Dr Kenny Anthony led administration had given the British Government the assurance that the death penalty would be taken off the table in the Oliver Gobat murder case. Prime Minister Chastanet expressed that while the former government gave assurance that a letter had been sent to that effect, it had been a lie. There is no record of Dr Kenny Anthony announcing to the public that such a letter existed or had been sent. Dr Kenny Anthony, himself has indicated that the former government never made any such promise to the British Government. On the contrary, Dr Anthony says he advised the British Government that the question of whether the death penalty was applicable was a matter for the DPP and the Court and that anything else would be unconstitutional. The Office of the Prime Minister has promised clarification on this matter sometime this week.