Come March 11th developers will make a presentation to St Lucian officials on a proposed Dolphin Facility at Pigeon Island. The Devaux family has penned a letter to the government raising objection to a proposed dolphin facility at Pigeon Island. The family says Pigeon Island National Landmark is part of Robert Devaux’s legacy as the founding Director of the St Lucia National Trust. The family writes that he envisioned Pigeon Island to remain as a green space, rich in history, to be enjoyed by his children and all St. Lucians for generations to come. The dolphin facility, they say, will interrupt the tranquillity and unspoiled beauty of Pigeon Island. The Devaux family also highlights the animal rights issue, arguing that keeping dolphins in captivity is inhumane. They warn that, in the worst case, an organized boycott by an international animal welfare organization could tarnish the reputation of the island and hurt the tourism industry.  The Devaux family along with some 7000 petitioners are respectfully requesting that the government stop the proposed dolphin facility at Pigeon Island.