The St Lucia National Trust is raising serious concern about the proposed Phase 2 of the DSH Pearl of the Caribbean Project. According to the St Lucia National Trust, Phase 2 of the Desert Star Holdings: Pearl of the Caribbean Project, will not only destroy the ecological, environmental and historical assets at Pointe Sable, but will not impact further areas. The DSH plan includes a proposal to connect Maria Major and Maria Minor and building a causeway to the main land. The Trust is of the opinion that the proposed plan threatens Maria Islands, a Nature Reserve, which is the home of the world’s rarest snake, the Saint Lucia Racer as well as the Saint Lucia whiptail and many other unique flora and fauna. The Trust indicates that it has been trying feverishly to obtain official project documents from the relevant authorities but to no avail. Director of the St Lucia National Trust, Bishnu Tulsie, is sounding the rallying call to the membership of the Trust for a meeting to be held on Saturday 11th March at the Bay Gardens Hotel Bougainvillea Conference Room from 1 p.m.

Tulsie underscores the importance of joining the St Lucia National Trust as its mandate is to protect St Lucia heritage and to act in an advisory capacity to government on matters of sustainable development.