Just days after a taxi driver and calypsonian was shot in the leg and his taxi stolen in an armed robbery; a 62 year old farmer had his pickup stolen during an armed robbery.

Gilbert Wilfred was allegedly robbed at gunpoint on Saturday night, at about 11:30 pm. According to relatives, Wilfred was driving his dark blue Mazda pickup, registration PA3239, when he made a stop near Fond D’or Park to urinate. A masked gunman allegedly emerged from the bushes and held him up. Wilfred was allegedly threatened at gunpoint and forced to drive the gunman to La Resource Dennery. From there the senior was asked to get off the van. His family says he later walked to the Richfond station. The gunman reportedly relieved his victim of a wallet and a mobile telephone before driving off with Gilbert’s vehicle. The stolen vehicle has since been found at the car park at Barnard Hill, Castries. The discovery was reportedly made at around 2:15 pm on Sunday.