The Castries Mayor along with staff members of the Castries Constituency Council have also extended their condolences to the family of the Hon Sir Derek Walcott. Mayor Peterson Francis, says they acknowledge  with tremendous pride, the contributions he made to the nation.

Mayor Francis says Sir Derek Walcott was more than a Nobel Laureate. He was a humble, un-equaled resident and father of poetry. According to the Mayor, he still reminisces with fondness on many remarks made to the press and openly, as it pertains to the development of this country and where we go as a nation. It is good that he got to see the Derek Walcott Square and the Walcott House, named in his memory, both in the City of Castries. However, I firmly believe a lot more could have been done by successive governments to recognize and show appreciation for his work. At least, a museum should have been commissioned before his passing.”