3 people are confirmed dead following the deadly explosion at a quarry in Cul de Sac. 2 died on site while I person succumbed to injuries at Victoria Hospital. On Tuesday evening many residents reported hearing an extremely loud noise accompanied by the shaking of their roofs. Initially, many thought they had experienced an earthquake but it soon became clear that the sheer force of an explosion at the Cul De Sac quarry was the source. The Ministry of Health, says Tuesday’sĀ massive explosion in Cul-de-Sac triggered the full mass casualty response from the Victoria Hospital as the casualties came streaming into the Accident and Emergency Department. A total of 15 patients presented at the hospital suffering from various injuries with some requiring immediate surgical procedures.

When contacted for comment, the CEO of RG Group of Companies, Rayneau Gajadhar, who owns the quarry, indicated that the company will release a statement later today. He also informed that he was at the time chairing a meeting with staff to determine how best to respond to the urgent needs of those who are injured. He says the company is committed to doing all it can for its affected staff.

Prime Minister, Allen ChastanetĀ and Minister for Economic Development, Guy Joseph, were on site at the Victoria Hospital to provide assistance to staff particularly with respect to travel arrangements to Martinique and to empathize with numerous family and friends gathered at the hospital. Minister Joseph indicated that while attending a budget meeting on the Waterfront they received reports that the building had shaken due to a massive explosion at the Quarry in Cul-de-Sac. The meeting was quickly ended and he and the Prime Minister immediately visited the site where they learnt of two deaths on location and a number of injured persons transported to Victoria Hospital.

Newly appointed Ag. Executive Director of the Victoria Hospital, Brenda Calixte; who took up her duties only one day ago; has commended staff of the hospital for their response to the mass causality.