The SLNT has communicated to the Development Control Authority (DCA) that, it will not support the construction of the Dolphinarium at the Pigeon Island National Landmark. The Trust says there are numerous reasons for its opposition to the dolphin park, including the fact that, a hole approximately 82ft deep will have to be excavated from the hillside at Pigeon Island. Soil and rock would have to be removed, and as a result the structural integrity of Fort Rodney could be compromised. Members and non-members of the Saint Lucia National Trust turned out in large numbers for an Emergency Membership Meeting at the Pigeon Island National Landmark on Saturday, April 29th. The meeting was convened following news that the Government has proposed the zeroing of its EC$700,000.00 subvention. While some irate members were resolute that the Trust should not compromise and insist for the reinstatement of the subvention, others were adamant that this presents an opportunity for the Trust to raise the funds on its own. The proposed dolphin park at Pigeon Island National Landmark and the DSH project were also discussed. Regarding the DSH project, members were told that the SLNT has written to the developer in an effort to discuss the proposal, however, the Prime Minister informed SLNT’s Chairperson that he advised the developer not to meet with the Trust.