Police have released an official statement on the latest homicide. Police say on Wednesday May 24, 2017 about 8:20 pm, they received reports of gunshots fired in the Green Gold, Cacoa area. Reports indicate that 26 year old Kim Isidore of Green Gold, Cacoa, wasin the driver’s seat of a parked vehicle on the side of the road when one masked individual approached him and discharged several rounds in his direction. As a result Isidore sustained gunshot wounds to the left side of the abdomen, waist and the left chest area. He then drove off, but the vehicle veered off the road and crashed into a retaining wall near the Cacoa, Girard Junction at Babonneau. He was conveyed to the Victoria Hospital via ambulance where he was pronounced dead by a medical doctor. Investigations into this matter are ongoing. This is the 25th homicide for the year 2017.