Infrastructure Minister and Former Prime Minister Stephenson King, says curfews should be considered as part of preparation for the 2018 Atlantic hurricane season. Minister King told a disaster response planning meeting Saturday, that Saint Lucia must take note of what transpired in Dominica. The former prime minister said he was very frightened at the disorder he saw in Dominica. He added that the policemen who served there spoke of the disorder that went on, the disrespect, the violation of public and private property and the destruction of assets. He told the gathering that in his view, Dominica experienced two hurricanes – one natural and the other ‘man-inflicted’ by those who lacked conscience. He suggested that when the country is in a shut-down mode ahead of an approaching storm, there should be ‘some kind of curfew’ until it is determined that it can be lifted to allow members of the public to venture out. He added that unless curfews are in place and people understand that if they venture out they can be arrested, the environment will be created in which individuals can misbehave and engage in lawlessness.