Local Government and Culture Minister, Fortuna Belrose, has urged Saint Lucians to display responsible behavior during carnival activities. She urged citizens to exercise caution and adhere to the rules of safety. Belrose highlighted the need to ensure that organizers of carnival activities are aware of what is required when mass crowd events are planned. She says throughout the course of the year, training programmes will be designed to assist various communities that are coming on board, because across the country there is interest in carnival. It is therefore imperative that organizers know how to deliver these events. She spoke against the backdrop of an incident Sunday afternoon at Vanard in which it was reported that several carnival revellers had to be hospitalised after becoming entangled in a rope that was attached to a moving truck. Meanwhile, the police commissioner has cautioned carnival spectators that they should stay out of bands if they have not paid to jump up with them. He says police will be enforcing the long-standing law by arresting the band invaders. Over 140 police officers wilkl be ‘manning’ carnival and he assures that law enforcement officers will do everything in their power to ensure that the event is safe.