The United Worker’s Party Treasurer, Nancy Charles, has lashed out against the opposition St. Lucia Labour Party for being hypocritical, after the SLP’s former leader, Dr. Kenny Anthony issued legal action against the government for their engagement in the controversial Desert Star Holding Project.

During a Tuesday morning interview, Charles said the lawsuit came as no shock to the UWP, as this is a well known pattern of the SLP.

The UWP Treasurer accused the SLP of backtracking on their own decisions, simply to spite the government.

Charles continued on to say that the latest steps taken by Dr. Anthony, for a project that he and his cabinet members had negotiated whilst in power, is a continuation of the pattern of backtracking and opposing for opposition sake.

Charles went on to accuse Dr. Anthony, who is also the island’s former Prime Minister, of engaging in acts that were against the wellbeing of St. Lucia.

The Treasurer said amidst all the controversy, the legal matter that has been filed is not an injunction, and so work is continuing on the DSH site, with over 100 young men working on the project.

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