The President of the National Council on Public Transportation, Godfrey Ferdinand, says while the NCOPT is trying to appease its general membership there are still a few voices of dissent. The comments follow a general council meeting where concerns of members were to addressed behind closed doors. Members of Southern Associations, in particular had been up in arms about what they said was general mismanagement of the affairs of the Council and a lack of transparency. Ferdinand maintains that this is an internal matter that is being duly addressed.

Ferdinand says plans have already been set in motion to ensure that members see action on the concerns that they have brought up. He says an election is at the forefront of the priorities of the NCOPT.

Ferdinand who does not have the support of some of his membership, who previously called for him to step down, says the majority of the membership is behind the NCOPT and what it has been able to achieve. He says given that critics and detractors are a fact of life, the council will focus on its mandate as determined by the majority of the membership and allow the few disgruntled members the platform to air the concerns and seek redress.