In the wake of a viral video which has been rapidly making the rounds; showing the forceful arrest of 26 year old Bexon resident Kennis Charles over the weekend, the President of the Police Welfare Association, Travis Chicot has come to the defense of his fellow officers, saying that the force used in the video was justified, and that the arresting officers acted well within the law.

The incident took place in Dennery.

Coming straight from the Dennery Police Station to meet with the police officers shortly before his interview with Hot7 Nightly News, Chicot said the PWA’s decision to support the officers involved in the matter was made with a full understanding of what occurred.

Chicot said the matter had reached a level of tension where the police officer, being highly outnumbered, could not handle the situation on his own.

He said even with heightened tensions, the officers’ reactions were commendable.

In an earlier interview with Theresa Charles, who is the mother of Kennis Charles, she said she believes her son was unfairly targeted, as her son was not the only person seen acting aggressively and using strong language.

Chicot said Charles’ arrest is only the beginning of things to come.

Chicot said it is a sad day in St. Lucia when the youth behave in such a manner.