It was with great pleasure that the St. Lucia Bureau of Standards welcomed members of the media to their media sensitization workshop, as part of their scheduled events for World Standards Day which is celebrated internationally on October 14th. Head of Information Vernet St. Omer Fontenelle captained the day’s proceedings, introducing each head of the various departments, who would go on to brief those in attendance of the important role that each department plays in the bigger picture of upholding standards in St. Lucia. Director of the St. Lucia Bureau of Standards Verne Emmanuel, acknowledged the vital role that media plays in disseminating information to the public and how this ties in with the mandate of the SLBS.

Some of the work carried out by the St. Lucia Bureau of Standards involves Standards Development, Certification, Metrology and Conformity Assessment. Emmanuel noted the impact of Standards within the nation.

The sensitization workshop afforded the SLBS the perfect occasion for the unveiling of their newly built website, which Standards Officer Marciano Busby explained to be more efficient and user friendly.

The new website offers a Standards search option for individual products. For instance the word breadfruit can simply be imputed into the search bar on the site and all standards and relevant information on that product will be provided. You can visit the new St.Lucia Bureau of Standards website on: