As the remaining constructions built in the La Clery CDC area were torn down early Monday morning, noticeably irate and hurting residents stood by and watched hopelessly as the place they once called home was manually reduced to rubble.

Whilst walls were being broken down and ceilings collapsed, one former resident who comes from a family of five generations, who lived in the area said the move made to clear the community was not as forthright as it may seem.

Mattaniah Charlemagne who is a former CDC resident said the area was once crown land, but in 2002, it somehow became the property of the National Housing Corporation.

Charlemagne said the big rush to clear the land has overlooked persons who had built their house on the land long before it was given to NHC.

He then questioned whether there would be compensation for those who used their life savings over the years to invest in better living in the area.

Charlemagne said for the sake of his children, he made the move out of the area and is now renting an apartment; however, the few that are left behind, are clearly not in the same financial situation as those who were able to move of their own accord.

It is for this reason, he said, that the government needs to step in with bigger efforts to help those persons find housing.

Charlemagne said there is no politician or person in the higher society who is truly interested in helping people who are not in the same financial bracket as themselves.