Coming hot off the heels of the St. Lucia Labour Party’s National Conference which was held on Sunday in Laborie, the island’s National Security Minister Hermangild Francis has cast his net out to the Leader of the Opposition Philip J. Pierre, inviting him to join forces after the SLP leader made a bold declaration on the Conference stage.

According to Francis, Pierre stated plans, if elected into office in the next General Elections, to expunge the convictions of everyone convicted for the possession of small quantities of cannabis.

Francis said he has always been a proponent of cannabis and has taken part in numerous events advocating for the legalization of the plan, including hosting a crime symposium and participating in marches held by the marijuana association council.

With that said, Francis said he is only one minister, and in order to get the plant legalized, there is strength in numbers.

Francis said it is unfortunate that St. Lucia is yet to catch up to the rest of the world when it comes to harnessing the many benefits of cannabis.

Francis said although he holds Pierre in high regards, he will not support the Opposition Leader’s ploy to sell untruths.