At the SLP’s Conference of Delegates, the Leader of the Opposition, Phillip J Pierre, had sharp criticism of government policies and planned projects. He espoused the party’s view on the proposed Dolphin Park, stating that the party is opposed to the project earmarked for Pigeon Island. Senator Hermangild Francis has responded to the comments by Pierre calling them shameful. He spoke in an exclusive interview with Hot 7 TV’s Rochelle Gonzales.

It has been established that a former SLP Cabinet had agreed in principle to a project establishing a Dolphin Park at Anse Jambette back in 2013. The matter grabbed headlines after former SLP Minister Dr James Fletcher denied the fact that there had been such an agreement but later after seeing the Cabinet conclusion, he apologized for a misspeaking on the matter. Senator Francis says the SLP however is continuing to spin the facts and make ambiguous statements on this matter. He also called out the party for what he says are premature and unrealistic statements on the issue of decriminalization of Marijuana.

Francis says neither the Dolphin Park or changes to legislation involving Marijuana have come before the Cabinet. He says there are cabinet colleagues who are on both sides of the two issues. The Dolphin Park he says is an idea of the Prime Minister but he was quick to add that it is not a fait accompli.