The island of St. Kitts and Nevis has recorded some 20 homicides for 2018. The numbers are so alarming, that the island’s Prime Minister Dr. Timothy Harris has called on the support of neighboring countries to assist through the Regional Security System. In a national address on October 13th, Prime Minister Harris told the nation of his plans to call on the support of sister countries to quickly arrest the crime rate, which is alarming for a country with a population of merely 55,000 people. On Sunday, Saint Lucia sent its contingent of six officers from the Special Services Unit.

National Security Minister Hermangild Francis says this is not the first instance where St. Kitts has asked for assistance through the RSS, and that the country possesses a peculiar dilemma.

The task ahead is a very serious one and has brought into sharp focus the idea of increasing compensation for officers who are killed in the line of duty. The idea was brought up by the President of the Police Welfare Association and the minister believes that he is justifiable in his request.

The officers will be on St. Kitts and Nevis for a three to four week period in the first instance, after which the officers will be on rotation if needed.